My Campervan

Our camper The Ford Nugget

Actually it is a Ford Nugget Plus. The Nugget has been around for a few years, a Westfalia project on the Transit Custom base. We tried one out a few years ago but found the layout cramped, albeit a fine vehicle.

The Plus

Then they produced the “Plus” with the longer wheelbase (from 5M to 5M40), which made a massive difference, also allowing for the toilet in the back, and is an exceptionally useful (vital?) piece of equipment. The shower attachment can be useful for rinsing off, washing when off-grid. The kitchen is useful, and there is a spare sink for cleaning teeth etc.

Check out the Welcome to our camper doormat!

Camper layout

Of course it is cramped as it is only a van, but we chose it as it allowed us to drive very relaxed, as if in a car or at least an MPV, and then long distances if required are not so bad. It is easy to park, fitting in a traditional parking space, and relatively inconspicuous as a camper, being very much like a minibus or general van. Narrow winding roads are no problem as it is the width of a big saloon car, and 2M15 is quite manageable.

When the roof is down then you do have to move around with a hunched back (unless under 1M50 tall), but plenty of space when the roof is up. You can get round this with the hard roof version, but then it will be more buffeted by the wind, and be far more conspicuous. The fold out table can be small or extended, and with the swivel seats makes for a quite acceptable lounge area if the weather is not playing ball.

The bed

The bed is comfortable and spacious for a PopTop camper with big windows on the side and front. Down below there’s another bed that can be made up.

The kitchen

We use the kitchen area at the back a lot, and for that we needed a large step (from Ikea – €5) and bought another for the side as the one on the van is a bit narrow. We average around 7’4 litres/100 kilometres (40mpg) which is quite reasonable. The cupboards have quite some space, but there’s never really enough, although the under rear seat compartments are very useful. There is generally never enough space in a camper, unless you have a massive camper – good luck with that on small roads and parking – so you make do with what you have and accept compromises.

Everyone makes their choice. For now we are happy enough. The quality of Westfalia finishings is exceptionally good, and uses lots of good ideas.

Some improvements are recommended

However, it is not all good. There are a number of aspects we don’t like and plan to write to Westfalia about them:

    • The screen handle by the toilet is always getting in the way and has now fallen off.
    • The cupboards in the kitchen should open the other way as they are inconvenient as they are.
    • We had installed a flip seat above the toilet which is very useful. This should be standard as is not complicated and renders the space above the toilet very useable.
    • The side and back doors are quite noisy when they clang shut. The VW California models since 2012 have a “silent” slowing mechanism on the side door. Would be useful when going to be late, arriving late, etc.

There are other aspects, such as the space between the kitchen and bench is very narrow, but in a small camper these are aspects you just have to accept.”


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