Emission stickers

This is something we find really annoying. Many cities and certain regions in Europe are now regulating vehicles due to their pollution levels. Whilst this is understandable, their preferred method of dealing with it is very frustrating.
Normally, the license plate should be adequate, but unfortunately it isn’t. In countries like Germany, France and Austria you need to have a sticker on your windscreen that states that your vehicle is compliant or is of a specific emissions class. This involves contacting the various bodies in each of these countries to buy and order a sticker, ie:
However, prices vary quite a bit, you should check the country websites for their best rates.
Failure to display a sticker can lead to a fine of €100.
Maybe in the future there will be a European wide system with a digital emissions sticker – that would make sense.
NB: We travelled with a Euro 6 campervan through the London UK ULEZ (emissions zone) in April 2022 – in December 2022 we received 2 fines for payment, one of €1,400 and another of €1,700. You can prepay to avoid these fines, but in fact as were were Euro 6, they did not need to be paid at all, so we had to send proof of our Euro 6 status to gain exemption as we had a foreign registered vehicle.
So, be warned, check the emmission rules for countries you drive through and prepare yourself.