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When do you need a toll badge?
If you want to drive through the toll gate with the orange letter ‘T’ without stopping, you need a toll badge. Paying toll is only mandatory if you drive on toll roads.

A French product but can be used on Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese motorways. Stick the badge in the windshield by the mirror and then go through the specific reserved lanes (usually no queues) at the toll booths. No worrying about tickets or payments, one monthly invoice, plus €1.75 per month in France, €2.50 in the others, and zero if you don’t use it. There will be an activation fee of 14 euros. No paying each trip. In addition, in France they are introducing motorways with no toll stations, But…… you still have to pay by going online, and if not you are fined, heavily. Bip&Go registers straight to your invoice. Not something to regret, time and hassle saving. Ever lost a toll ticket? Dropped a credit card out the window reaching for the machine? Stuck behind some poor tourist that has done either both of those or simply just doesn’t get it

Just drive towards the yellow T-signs and avoid all the hassle traffic jams.


ANWB Tolbadge in The Netherlands

Also at the ANWB you can get a tollbadge for France, Portugal, Spain or Italy.

When is the toll badge a good choice?
If you travel through France, Portugal, Spain or Italy at least once a year.
If you travel in high season.
If your vehicle is not higher than 3 meters or heavier than 3500 kilos.

If you do not have a toll badge, the ANWB recommends that you always have a credit card with you, because you cannot pay with cash or a debit card at all gates.

How much does a toll badge cost?

Prices will vary! So always check the website for the latest prices.
The toll badge for France, Spain and Portugal costs €17.95 for members (€19.95 for non-ANWB members). Do you also want to use the toll badge in Italy? Then you pay €21.95 for members (€23.95 for non-members). In addition, you pay €3 per month in subscription costs for the toll badge.

If you do not use the toll badge for two years, an additional contribution of 10 euros per year will be charged.

Note: The toll costs are on top of this and are fixed rates per country. They are automatically written off. Consult the ANWB Routeplanner for the amount of toll costs on your route.


Note: Always check the prices on the website of Bip & Go and ANWB, they might have changed.