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We are, Antonietta and Tony, a Dutch/English couple who finally bought a camper last year, as did so many others as a result of the pandemic. Ours was in the pipeline for many years, we should have bought one in Canada when we lived there or at least in the UK. Finally, now living in The Netherlands, we did. Antonietta’s father is Italian, getting on somewhat, and our visits are his highlight along with that of her brother and his family and other family members. He lives in Vico del Gargano (Puglia), in the heel of Italy, nice spot, but a long way to go, and we are looking at all the routes we can go on our way down to him, and on the way back. That notwithstanding, as with many others we look to extend our summer, so trips to Spain, Portugal and other countries are also part of our annual expeditions.

This blog started as an idea. We made one in 2006/7 when we moved to Vancouver in Canada, chronicling the idea to the application, the interviews, and finally the move of the whole family, schools etc. Now we wanted to be able to answer questions as to when friends and family ask what we have been doing. On our trips, we have found some great places, and some a bit less. Then we thought of all the thousands of campers out there, many will also have some good stories to tell, so by starting this blog we hope to get others to highlight certain places, campgrounds, unique situations, that others may find interesting and useful.

For instance, the camper place that is overbooked by 400% overnight and nobody seems to mind or a great camperplace in the harbour. Travel reviews can be good, and useful, but not many are camper related, so finding those cute campgrounds and knowing the best way there, can be useful.


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